Meet the Trainers

Sherri Velaquez

Sherri Velasquez

I love personal training and I do also dance choreography. I have learned so much over the years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people. The blessings I receive are in helping others achieve a better lifestyle. Remember: “I (You) can do everything through him who gives me (you) strength”. Philippians 4:13

Wil Nestegard

20yrs in Federal Law Enforcement. (Retired)

Special Ops. Response Team

Disturbance Control Team

Black Belt Moo-Duk-Kwan Tae Kwan Do

Black Belt Ryu Ken Do MMA

3yrs playing Semi Pro Football

Numerous Body Building Competitions including The Colorado State, The Rocky Mountain, The Mid USA competitions and Steel City Body Building Championships here in Pueblo. I’ve competed in each competition multiple times. (first places in each).

I know it might not seem like it but I’m not always motivated or have the determination I should have. Sometimes I fall short of my goals and expectations, (but that’s OK, life goes on). Injuries? Had plenty of them. Surgeries? Had a few of those too. I like to eat chocolate cake, custard filled chocolate eclairs and coconut cream pie, (I could eat a whole pie in one sitting.) I love pizza. I consider pizza a super food. I just love to eat! I’m just like you and everyone else, nothing super about me but I’ll help you the best I can, go as far as you want to go with achieving your personal fitness goals. You tell me what your goal is and I will try to get you there.





Personal Training

SuperNova Fitness offers personal training to our members.

It’s the fastest and most successful way to improve your health and fitness. Our trainers are educated, qualified professionals. All programs are customized to each individual’s unique body and will optimize your time to reach your goals with maximum results



1 Session          $40

4 Sessions          $160

    8 Sessions          $320    

12 Sessions        $480

16 Sessions        $560

20 Sessions       $700