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Vicki Moreno
Sherri Velaquez

Vicki Moreno
Sherri Velasquez

In 1983 I became a certified fitness instructor when aerobic exercise was in it’s infancy. My classes and personal training programs incorporate the American College of Sports Medicine recommended components and are structured to meet participant needs. My personal belief (as Aristotle first said) is: “LIFE IS MOTION.”
I love personal training and I do also dance choreography. I have learned so much over the years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people. The blessings I receive are in helping others achieve a better lifestyle. Remember: “I (You) can do everything through him who gives me (you) strength”. Philippians 4:13



Ryan Picco
Elisia Pineda


Personal training and nutrition are my biggest passions in life. I believe living a healthy and fit lifestyle is the key to the fountain of youth! Along with my certifications as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I also have over 7 years of self educated diet and training experience. From training professional bikini models to competitive body builders to people who just want to feel healthier and more confident, I have done it all. I have competed in multiple body building competitions here in Colorado and have placed top two in both shows. I am still competing and I love to share my passion with others and teach people how easy it can be to have the body you’ve always wanted! With a little education, discipline and hard work you can achieve anything! Working with me, you will learn fast that I am big on nutrition and honesty. If you are not honest, the only person you are cheating is yourself. I want to help you to reach your goals as fast as you can and achieve your dream body! I specialize in body sculpting, weight loss, muscle toning, body building, strength training and conditioning. Now that you’ve started on this new path, let’s have some fun making you the best YOU can be!
I am a recent graduate of Intellitec College. I have four certificates through the National Academy of Sports Medicine; personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, corrective exercise specialist, and MMA conditioning specialist. I have experience working with many all age groups from children to senior citizens. It may take time to start seeing results from exercise, but with my knowledge and experience I can help you reach your fitness goals. Remember your body is improving every time you exercise! Slow progress is better than no progress!




Personal Training

SuperNova Fitness offers personal training to our members.

It’s the fastest and most successful way to improve your health and fitness. Our trainers are educated, qualified professionals. All programs are customized to each individual’s unique body and will optimize your time to reach your goals with maximum results



1 Session          $35

4 Sessions          $140

    8 Sessions          $280    

12 Sessions        $420

16 Sessions        $480

20 Sessions       $600