SuperNova Fitness Center offers over 9,000 square feet of open floor space to exercise. Additionally the facility has 3,000 square feet available on the second floor. The Trainer’s Corner of the gym with it’s mirrors, mats, weights, and more provides a place where members can work out in a semi private environment, stretch before or after their workout or train with personal trainers. The aerobic room has memory foam installed underneath the floor which can reduce impact on joints.

In terms of equipment the center contains over 7,000 lbs of free weights, and has Smith Machines and Olympic Lift Stations for use. Equipment that has been installed at SuperNova is the same equipment that is currently being used at the US Air Force Academy and at the Olympic Training Center located in Colorado Springs, CO

The facility air exchange and cooling provides a comfortable workout environment for all the members.. The male and female change rooms provides numerous amenities such as showers, vanity desk, and hair dryers . Free daily lockers are provided and the whole facility is wheelchair accessible.

Cardio Equipment
Free Weight Equipment
Group Exercise Room
Locker Rooms